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A credential evaluation is a comparison of a foreign diploma (credential) to a Dutch diploma. We do such comparisons for diplomas in higher education and almost. Credentials are evaluated for law firms, universities, and employers for visas or placement in educational institutions. Credentials are also evaluated at the. We evaluate educational credentials such as high school diploma/secondary or higher secondary school certificate, undergraduate (associate, bachelor), and.

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Foreign credential evaluators. may request that international applicants have their academic documents evaluated by a credential evaluation service. A credential evaluation is a written report that describes education completed outside the US and gives the US equivalence of academic credentials received. An academic credential assessment is used to evaluate a credential (diploma, degree) earned outside of Canada to determine what it compares to in Canada.

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ACEI is a foreign transcript evaluation service. ACEI's Evaluation Service evaluates educational credentials from around the world. A credential evaluation is a document which states: The credential evaluation is in Dutch and is electronically signed. This electronic signature is legally. The ICOE Credentials Office will evaluate the qualifications of applicants against the qualifications required for a variety of teaching credentials.