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The Upset Tax Sale is the first time a property with delinquent property taxes is offered for sale at public auction. We will be selling properties with a. Delinquent tax sales are the last alternative to enforce collections. While selling someone's property is not desirable, it is necessary if collections are. Real Property Tax Auction Real Property Tax Auction Information. Delinquent Real Property Tax Online Auction Date of last auction - May 13 & 14,

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Delinquent Property Tax Beginning in mid-July, county clerks offer the certificates of delinquency for sale to third party purchasers. These sales run through. The next Delinquent Property Tax Sale will be the first Tuesday in June and will be conducted online. Scheduled Tax Sale · Delinquent Tax Sale Brochure. The Tax Lien Sale of unpaid real property taxes will be held on and closed on Tuesday, February 8, The Treasurer's tax lien auction web site will.

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Delinquent Tax and Tax Lien Sales DELINQUENT TAX PROPERTIES ARE OFFERED TWICE FOR SALE AND PROPERTIES NOT SOLD AT THE FIRST SALE ARE SUBSEQUENTLY PRESENTED. Delinquent properties are listed on the CivicSource website and appear in a "Notice of Tax Sale" listing in the local publication the Daily News. The purchaser of the outstanding taxes due only holds a lien against the property. · All certified delinquent properties are eligible for tax lien sales.