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Art's Nursery carriers a large, year round selection of live and living christmas trees. Some of our varieties include Fir, Spruce, Pine, Cedar and others. We have a variety of live mini Christmas trees so you can "deck the halls" and keep the Christmas spirit alive wherever you are. Our small tabletop Christmas. Shop Harry & David for all the Christmas décor you need like fresh mini Christmas trees, decorative centerpieces, and Christmas wreath gifts full of cheer!

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Evergreen varieties available include Leyland Cypress, Alberta Spruce and Rosemary. And because the mini Christmas trees are live specimens growing in soil. Real Christmas Trees Open from November These are some of the freshest real Potted trees will be small and seldom more than four feet tall. Live, fresh-cut, Mini Christmas Trees and Wreaths. A perfect Christmas decoration for home, apartment or office. Send the look and smell of a traditional.

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These have large field-dug root balls bundled in burlap or other fabric. Containerized trees are usually smaller and target the “tabletop” Christmas tree market. Real Trees vs. Artificial Trees. Give your family the gift of a gorgeous fresh Christmas tree this festive season. There is nothing like the scent and beauty of. Here at Planting Tree we sell a variety of small and mini Tabletop Christmas Trees for you to choose from. Our live holiday trees are potted, healthy, growing.