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Seeing blood in the urine is a symptom of many underlying problems in males, including infections, an enlarged prostate, and kidney stones. Causes · Cancer of the bladder or kidney · Infection of the bladder, kidney, prostate, or urethra · Inflammation of the bladder, urethra, prostate, or kidney . Stones, infection, tumor, or injury to the kidneys, urinary tract, prostate gland and/or genitals may cause blood in the urine. Bleeding disorders or certain.

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What Causes Hematuria? · bladder or kidney infections · kidney stones · high levels of calcium and other minerals in the urine · a problem with the urinary tract. Common causes are bladder infections and kidney stones. An injury to your groin or your genital area can also cause bleeding in the urinary tract. Blood in urine causes · Urinary tract infection · Kidney infection · Urethritis · Kidney stones · Tumours in the bladder or kidney · Inflammation in the kidney.

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Urinary tract infections, kidney stones and prostate problems are common reasons for this symptom. Less commonly, blood in the urine can indicate a more serious. The most common cause of blood in the urine, a few different infections can cause it in addition to UTIs. Bladder or kidney infection can cause pain and lead to. What could have caused the blood in my urine? · bladder infection · cancers of the bladder (pictured), kidney or prostate · stones in the kidneys or bladder.