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Mississippi's Concealed Carry. Mississippi is a "shall issue" state for CCW permits. The cost of a residents permit is $, plus $32 for finger print. In Mississippi, any legal resident that passes a background check can typically obtain a concealed carry permit. An “enhanced” endorsement to the normal. Concealed Weapons permits may only be obtained from the Mississippi Highway Patrol. For more information, or to apply for a permit, contact the Mississippi.

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Enhanced permit holders can carry either open or concealed; Concealed permit holders must always cover up the gun. · Concealed permit is easier to obtain (less. EVERYTHING Is Included in Our State CCW Classes to obtain a Mississippi Enhanced permit. · Basic firearm mechanics & operation · Concealed Carry Ammunition. Concealed Carry State Laws In Columbus, MS Determine What Agency Can Issue Permits If a resident of a “shall issue” state meets the criteria and completes the.

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Mississippi does issue carry permit/licenses to residents, but not to nonresidents. Our online training course will allow you to apply for your New Hampshire. Mississippi has no licensing requirements but does provide for a license to carry a concealed pistol (discussed more thoroughly infra). “Other authorized persons” also includes those individuals who have in their possession a valid, unexpired state enhanced concealed carry firearms permit or the.