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Taking aspirin before the drug test is a common method of falsifying results. The chemical compounds of aspirin are known to have properties that can mask drugs. Beware of some products as testing facilities are now checking for presence of synthetic urine. You can also substitute urine from member of opposite sex if you. cause a positive urine drug test for opiates. many testing methods not sufficiently sensitive nothing about using Baking Soda to pass a drug test.

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Instead of trying to mask a urine sample that will likely test positive, you could try flushing your system of the toxins that cause a sample to be positive in. Can I mask drug use in a drug test? Dilution of urine samples takes many forms. Water or other liquids may be added to the collected sample to dilute it. Alternatively, test-takers may drink lots.

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No offense but none of the previous are nearly as simple as this. Drink a gallon of water prior to the test, make sure you're peeing clear and you're in the. Drinking plenty of water before a test makes THC undetectable. Sure, your friends may tell you “drink lots of water before you pee”. But this one is more of a. Unintentional dilution is fairly common. When a test applicant consumes excessive amounts of fluid, the concentration of urine will subsequently become dilute.